What will a Y chromosome test tell you?

  • Whether two alleged male siblings share the same father (irrelevant of whether they have a different mother or same mother). In this way they can determine whether they are full siblings or half siblings
  • If uncles, grandfathers and male first cousins share a common paternal line

About the Y chromosome

The Y chromosome, a chromosome found only in males, remains relatively unchanged as it is passed on from father to son. The fact that the chromosome remains relatively unchanged and is passed down from father to son makes this test a very reliable and accurate test.

Is Y chromosome testing just like a paternity test?

A Y chromosome test can establish whether the males tested share a common paternal relative – it could be they share the same father, grandfather or any relative or ancestor. However, a Y chromosome is not a paternity test. A paternity test is carried out by comparing the DNA of the alleged father and child. If the tested man is the biological father, the result will confirm that the father-child relationship.

The Y-Chromosome test will confirm whether there is a biological relationship between males, however, the specific nature of that relationship cannot really be determined based on solely the test. Determining exact relationship needs to be inferred by the client from their results.

How do I send my samples?

You can easily collect your own DNA samples for your Y chromosome test with our home sample collection kit. All our clients will receive a kit inside which is everything required to collect your DNA samples. We include:

    • Sterile buccal swabs (mouth swabs)
    • Instructions explaining how to collect your DNA samples, how to pack them and send them
    • Forms which require signatures and some details of the people being testing
    • A self-addressed envelope

Discover your paternal ancestry with paternal lineage testing

If you are keen on knowing more about your ancestors, homeDNAdirect offers a paternal lineage test which can trace your ancestral roots from your father’s side of the family. This test also requires the laboratory to analyse the Y chromosome but the unlike Y chromosome test, paternal lineage testing will map the journeys of your paternal ancestors hundreds of years back and determine your true origins. Read more about paternal lineage testing.