Pricing and kit for a legal paternity test

Clients wishing to undertake a legal DNA test will normally want their results to be court admissible.  Note that changing the name on a birth certificate will also require a DNA paternity test for legal purposes.

The cost of a legal paternity test is of €349The validity of a legal paternity test hinges on a very strict sample collection procedure which is summarised in the term ‘chain of custody’. Once you have placed your order, we will prepare your kit and send it out within 48 hours. The kit will have all you require to do the test including the necessary forms to be filled in, the sterile oral swabs for the DNA sample collection and an information sheet explaining how to do the test.

The sampler

The DNA samples required for the test will not be taken by the parties involved, but instead a neutral third party, such as a doctor or qualified nurse, will be appointed to carry out the swabbing procedure. The sampler also acts as a witness to verify the authenticity of the DNA samples.

The sampler will make sure that there is no contamination of samples or any attempt to cheat. Moreover, it will be the sampler’s responsibility to seal up the envelopes with the swabs inside and send them back to us for testing.

NB: The price of €349 does not include the sampler’s fee; there may be an additional cost incurred for this.

Identification of test participants

All participants in the test will provide 2 passport sized photos with no part of their face covered (no hats or other head gear allowed). The sampler will sign the back of the photos declaring the true likeness of the people doing the test to the people in the photos. Further to this, he or she will sign and date the pictures.

Identification will also have to be provided so make sure to take along any of the following: passport, full driver’s license, Armed forces ID card, Pass card issued by government department, certified copy of birth certificate for children to be tested.

Please also take two photocopies of whichever identity document you choose and sign and date the back of these photocopies.

We will send you your results by email. It is important to note that legal DNA testing is done for both the paternity DNA testing and relationship DNA testing.

Should you need further assistance on your specific DNA test case do not hesitate to contact us. To proceed with legal paternity testing, click one of the below options.