DNA profile testing

  • The cost of a DNA profile for one person is €139
  • Results of this DNA Test will be sent to you by email in just 5-7 working days following receipt of samples at our laboratory.
  • Collect samples with our user-friendly self sampling home kit. Once samples have been collected, return them for laboratory testing.

DNA profiling can either be offered for legal purposes or for personal reasons which do not require a legal report.

DNA profiling for legal purposes

The legal DNA profile requires collection by an independent third party such as a Doctor or Nurse who will document the sample collection process using our specific legal collection kit. The legal DNA profile can then be used for multiple purposes including inheritance claims and legal identification purposes. The cost of a legal DNA profile for one person is €259.

Genetic profile test costs and other specifications

Legal firms might ask clients to provide their DNA profile so as to ensure only rightful heirs make claim to an inheritance.

DNA profiles are also useful in case cases of abductions or deaths; they can help police investigations linking important clues and pieces of evidence.

In cases of death in which bodies have decomposed beyond recognition, the DNA profile taken before death can be compared to the DNA profile extracted from the body to see if there is a match (following the attacks of 9/11 DNA profiling was used extensively to identify victims).

People in high risk jobs, such as infantry and army officers, might be encouraged to have a record of their DNA profile.

Disaster Victim Identification

In cases of mass disasters we offer the the DVIstat™ tissue extraction device. This is a practical tool for securing tissue samples from cadavers in mass fatality incidents while simultaneously securing an active Radio-Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) to facilitate electronic control of all subsequent movements and location in a mass interment situation. Click here for more information.