When would I carry our an avuncular test?

In cases where an alleged father is not available for a paternity test, an avuncular test can be carried out between the alleged father’s child and direct paternal blood relatives. In this case, testing the paternal relatives can indicate whether the alleged father’s child is in fact related to his or her paternal relatives. If there is no relationship between the tested relative and their niece/nephew it would strongly suggest that the untested, alleged father is not the child’s paternal dad.

The genetic profiles will be used to determine the probability of relatedness and from this information they can go on to calculate the avuncular index.

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known parent to provide stronger results.

How accurate is an avuncular test?

An avuncular test will provide a different rate of inclusion than a paternity DNA test. This is because the amount of common genetic material between uncles and aunts and their nephews and nieces is smaller than that shared between father and child.

Should I carry out a paternity test?

We can only carry out a home paternity test if we have the DNA sample from the alleged father. Without the alleged father’s DNA sample we cannot carry out the test. A paternity test is more accurate than an avuncular test and provides you with more conclusive results. If you are unable to carry out DNA sample collection directly from the alleged father using mouth swabs, you may wish to consider using other DNA samples such as used Kleenexes or undergarments. View our DNA samples page for more details about these samples.

Are only males taking part?

Should the participants both be male and allegedly related through the father’s side of the family then a Y chromosome test can be conducted to confirm if they share the same paternal line.

Getting your results

The cost of an avuncular test by homeDNAdirect Ireland is of €299. Your results will be ready within 5-7 working days. You may keep reading about our relationship DNA tests or click on one of the below options to proceed with your avuncular test.