How does it work?

In a maternity test we compare the 21 genetic markers that make up the DNA profiles of the alleged mother and child. If the tested mother is the biological mother, the 21 genetic markers on the profile of the mother and of the child will be a perfect match, resulting in a probability of maternity of 99.99%. If some of the genetic markers do not match on the profiles of the alleged mother and child, the tested female can be excluded as being the biological mother.

Adding the sample of the father produces a more accurate result.

Why a maternity test?

Maternity DNA tests are not done as frequently as paternity DNA tests. Logically, it is uncommon to question maternity. However, a maternity DNA test may be required in any of the following situations:

Immigration testing for maternity is done when you need to scientifically prove the biological relationship between mother and child. To be used alongside immigration forms and documentation, the maternity test must be carried out following certain rules and procedures that make then results acceptable under the laws of a host/non-native country.

In some cases, maternity DNA testing is used in adoption cases where an adopted child wants confirmation and certainty that the person they suspect is their biological mother is in fact really that individual. Only a maternity DNA test can provide a conclusive answer.

Collecting the samples

A maternity DNA test is an at-home test. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and take your own DNA samples using a simply mouth swab.

Our kit will be sent by standard post and will reach you in around 2-3 working days. It will arrive in an unmarked envelope to ensure total privacy and confidentiality.

Kits contain:

  • 4 mouth swabs per person tested
  • Instructions
  • Consent forms
  • Pre-addressed envelope to return samples back to the laboratory


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