Celiac Disease Genetic Testing

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Upset stomach? Bloating? Could you be celiac? Our celiac genetic predisposition test will confirm whether you carry the genes involved in celiac disease. A DNA test could be your answer, saving you the discomfort and pain which come with celiac disease as well as gastroscopies and blood tests. Determine your genetic susceptibility to celiac disease today.

Genetic Health Testing

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We nowadays know that many diseases are encoded in your genes and whether we ever develop the disease or not depend on whether we actually carry the disease-causing genes in our DNA. But what you may not know is that a genetic health test can tell you whether you carry certain genes which are associated with certain diseases.

Cancer Predisposition NGS Panel

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Does cancer run in your family? Have you inherited any genes which might put you at a higher risk of a particular type of cancer? Our cancer predisposition genetic panel will confirm whether you have inherited any of the 96 cancer genes we test for. If the test results confirm you are genetically susceptible to a particular type of cancer, you can begin undertaking risk reducing strategies.

Lactose Intolerance DNA Test

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Are cheese, ice cream and milk some of your favourite foods? Do they however make you feel ill? Then you may be one of the many in the population who is lactose intolerant. With our Lactose Intolerance Test you can easily find out and start feeling better by regulating your diet. Our test starts from just €129 and results taking as little as 2 weeks to reach you.