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DNA Paternity Testing in Ireland

"Used your services twice now and am very satisfied with the experience and customer service received!"

John, October 2023

Do you need a DNA test? Which test best suits your needs? homeDNAdirect is your experienced DNA testing provider offering parentage, relationship, health as well as a range of other tests. Our complete portfolio of DNA tests means we can solve any of your relationship queries. homeDNAdirect’s accredited, 21 genetic marker home paternity test for one alleged father and child is priced at only €179. With 99.99% accurate results you need not look elsewhere to get the answers you need. We keep things simple for you and in just a few steps you can get your DNA test results. Order your test, receive your kit, return your samples and receive your results. To ease that edge off when it comes to waiting for your results, we ensure that your test results are ready within only 3 to 5 working days. This turnaround time applies to most but not all of our DNA tests.

  • Fast

    Tighter result turnaround times means a shorter wait for your DNA test results. The less time you wait, the less you stress and the faster you can move on.

  • Accurate

    Accurate results mean finding closure with total peace of mind. Testing laboratories are ISO17025 accredited which is the gold standard in DNA testing accreditation.

  • Privacy

    homeDNAdirect unfalteringly ensures the strictest client confidentiality and privacy. We know what confidentiality is all about and what it means to you.

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homeDNAdirect is part of an international company and has a number of offices across the world, including the United Kingdom and Australia. Should you require a test where people are living in different countries, we can coordinate the test for you efficiently and timely. Your DNA samples are analysed in an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. This accreditation means the laboratory is top-notch in all aspects of its testing which in turn translates to results you can fully trust whether you have opted for peace of mind testing or legal testing. homeDNAdirect offers a range of DNA testing services to meet every type of query and answer any of your relationship questions. Our paternity testing is carried out on a 21 genetic marker profile and offers 99.99% accurate DNA test results in cases where the alleged father we test is the biological father of the child or children. We also offer a highly advanced and non-invasive prenatal paternity test for which we require only blood samples from the mother and mouth swab samples from the alleged father. Read more about our paternity testing services.

Excellent customer service and quick turnaround time! I got a Twins DNA kit as an 18th birthday present. My aunt could not have chosen a better company to purchase it from!
Ireland, 6th January 2020

I have used your services twice now and am very satisfied with the experience and customer service received!
United States, 14th October 2019

Amazing service! Extremely easy to follow instructions and I received my Avuncular test results 3 days earlier than the expected time.
Ireland, 21st August 2018

Very pleased with the service from start to finish. I would recommend homeDNAdirect to anyone in need of a DNA test.
United Kingdom, 4th February 2018

Through your Prenatal Paternity test my son has been saved from fathering a child that is not his. Thank you!
South Africa, 8th December 2017

This company changed my life for the best! I can now be a father to the most beautiful girl. Thank you so much.
United Kingdom, 4th December 2017

Found your service very useful and very easy to use and great support throughout.
United Kingdom, 12th March 2017

16Can’t begin to explain how much relieved I am to have results and more importantly a few days faster than the expected time quoted. Thank you.
New Zealand, 22nd February 2017

Team very friendly.
New Zealand, 21st February 2017

The results came faster than I expected.
Canada, 23rd February 2017