Why you need a PetGen Canine Test

homeDNAdirect’s PetGen Canine DNA test gives you access to information that is essential in raising and breeding healthy and happy dogs.

The test will inform you about the following:


    • Your dog’s breed or breed mix
    • Hair, coat, and behaviour traits
    • Predicted size and life expectancy
    • Health and genetic predisposition to disease
    • Single-gene disease detection
    • Rare genetic disease detection with a carrier report

What will the test results include?

  • Easy-to-follow sample collection kit
  • An easy-to-understand 25-page report
  • Personalized breed certificate

The results for the PetGen DNA test will be sent by email 3-4 weeks from the time our laboratory receives the samples.

Collecting samples for this test

Collecting samples for the PetGen Canine test only requires a simple and straightforward process that is painless for your dog.

The sample collection kit contains materials and instructions for collecting your pet’s mouth swab samples. Remember to follow these instructions closely to avoid possible issues with the samples.

We also ask that you send us a photo of your pet via email when you return the samples for testing. This will be used for your pet’s personalized breed certificate.

Special offers

One PetGen Canine DNA Test is  €149, but you can take advantage of discounted prices when you order more tests. Enjoy a  €10 discount per test (or €139 per test) when you order a second or a third PetGen test.