Discover the sex today

Let’s face it, guessing a bird’s gender is challenging no matter how much of a bird expert you consider yourself to be. It is estimated that around 5,000 species of bird appear sexually monomorphic, meaning that it is seemingly impossible to distinguish between the sexes.

Bird sexing: Why?

There are several motifs behind wanting to conduct an avian DNA test. In the case of an emergency it is important for your veterinarian to identify the bird’s gender, and having this information handy can save precious time from waiting for the medical team to conduct an avian DNA gender test.

Since male and female birds tend to display different behavioral characteristics, some bird owners may also want to undergo avian DNA testing to understand their bird’s behavior.

What does it involve?

Bird gender determination does not involve surgery or any complex methods in order to establish the sex of your bird. Our bird-sexing techniques are minimally invasive procedures that do not put strain on your bird.

DNA samples can be collected through the following methods:

  •  Blood samples
  • Feather samples

Both methods are provided by homeDNAdirect, your trusted avian gender determination DNA testing provider. They are highly reliable techniques, and choice is based on personal preference. The person collecting the DNA samples can decide which is the better option that suits both the bird owner and the bird.

What are the costs?

Refer to the table below for pricing. Prices differ depending on how many samples are sent to the laboratory, and discounts apply to those who want to test 5 or more samples.

1-4 samples 5 or more samples
 N/A  N/A
Feather Samples  N/A  N/A