Cost and results

Our grandparentage DNA test is priced from €299. Results will be emailed to you in 5-7 working days and are sent by email. For a small charge we can also send out a hard copy.

Grandparent testing options

Duo grandparentage test – This test requires the DNA samples of the grandfather, grandmother and grandchild. It offers the most accurate results. It is possible to carry out single grandparentage testing (where we test just one grandparent). However, testing just one grandparent results in inconclusive results in some cases. Due to the relatively high frequency of inconclusive results with single grandparents testing, we do not offer this option.

Sending in the mother’s sample will be of help to improve the results of grandparents testing. Our analysts can use the mother’s DNA profile to determine what genes she has passed on to her child and provide a stronger result for the overall test. If the mother is unavailable, we can still go ahead with the test. The mother’s sample is not indispensable to duo grandparents testing.

What your results will show

Grandparents testing results will establish the probability of the grandfather being related to his grandchild and the probability of the grandmother being related to her grandchild. The probability of relationship will vary depending on how much DNA the alleged relatives share. Higher probabilities indicate a stronger chance of biological relatedness.

Testing between males

Y chromosome testing is a powerful DNA test in cases where the test participants are only male. The accuracy of this test is due to the fact that the Y chromosome is passed down from father to son, from one generation to the next. This means that related males will share the same Y chromosome profile. Why not read up more about our Y chromosome testing service?

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