Immigration DNA Paternity Test

Immigration DNA testing may be requested by the relevant authorities when one wishes to immigrate to a non-native country in which they have naturalised relatives. The DNA test will assist in proving that there is indeed a biological relationship between the parties, especially in view of the possible lack of adequate identification documentation.


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homeDNAdirect can provide you with an accredited immigration DNA paternity test or other types of relationship DNA immigration tests starting from only €499. In Ireland you will be required to perform a legal DNA test and present this at your embassy together with the rest of your application.

Please note that there may be extra charges in addition to the price quoted above:

  • Depending on the number of people being tested;
  • The location of the individuals who are required to do the DNA test (due to differing shipping costs depending on location);
  • Professional sample collection fees are not included.

It is important to note that when performing an immigration DNA test, the sample collection will need to follow a strict chain-of-custody procedure. This requires a third party to verify your identity, collect the samples and ship them back to us themselves. You will never come in contact with your DNA samples after the samples have been taken from you.

If you require an immigration DNA paternity test, then you can get in touch with us directly at our office or alternatively via email at – we will be glad to discuss your case and quote you accordingly.

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