DNA Paternity Test

At homeDNAdirect Ireland we offer you reliable and accurate DNA paternity testing. You may have your mind at rest that we treat every case with the strictest confidentiality and makes ourselves available to answer all your questions and queries.

Depending on your case, we offer a comprehensive range of DNA paternity tests to meet your requirements. Review our tests below.

  • Home paternity test
    Home paternity test

    Our 21 Genetic Marker home DNA paternity test is Accredited, Affordable and Accurate

    Home paternity test for only €179 for one alleged father and child. Price includes the DNA test kit, sample analysis and the result sent via email. There are NO EXTRA FEES.
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  • Legal paternity test


    The legal DNA paternity test can be used in court cases, for example, over issues of alimony or inheritance. Legal tests can also be used for immigration.
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  • Prenatal paternity test

    RISK FREE prenatal DNA paternity test with 99.99% ACCURACY from your 10th WEEK of pregnancy

    Our prenatal paternity test is 100% risk free. Through a simple blood withdrawal you can have the answers you need.
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DNA Paternity testing anywhere in Ireland

homeDNAdirect Ireland is based in Dublin. From our local office we are able to provide you with paternity testing in any Irish county including Antrim, Cork, Galway, Down and Londonderry. Besides our paternity testing services, which include prenatal paternity testing and DNA paternity analysis for immigration, we also provide sibling DNA testing and grandparents testing.

Collecting DNA samples is easily done using our at home kit which we will send out to the address you give us once you have confirmed payment. These days you will not require any blood samples for a DNA test. The globally accepted method for collecting DNA samples is by using oral, sterile swabs. This does not mean we do not test other DNA samples. We in fact provide forensic testing services which make it possible to carry out a test using alternative samples to the oral swab. The samples we most commonly tested are used Kleenexes, toothbrushes and stains on either garments or bed linen.

We understand the tension and restlessness you might experience when waiting for your paternal test result and have managed to tighten our turnaround time to just 3-5 working days. We have also reduced our prices to make our DNA paternity tests more affordable.

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