homeDNAdirect Ireland would like to wish you a prosperous new year. We have sealed 2010 helping countless clients solves issues they had in terms of paternity testing or helping then establish whether they are truly related to people they suspect are their relatives by means of relationship tests.  and in this way helping them move on with their lives. We will consistently strive to improve or rather perfect our customer care services and excel in professionalism and technical competence of what we offer.

We hope your new year will be decidedly positive and that it will bring much in terms of relationships with your family and friends. The New Year is not just about a change of the date on the calendar- it is about a new beginning. A new beginning brings new opportunities and experiences.

For us, at homeDNAdirect, the New Year will bring new business endeavors such as new DNA tests- we plan to launch our non invasive pregnancy paternity testing.  Whatever we do, we always abide to our company mission to provide outstanding service and quality DNA tests. Our websites for all the countries we operate in are always being revised and new content added. Anyway, so back to the issue at hand, we wish you a lovely New Year and also thank you for choosing homeDNAdirect Ireland.