American golfer Tiger Woods has recently made the headlines: an x girlfriend, Devon James, has come forward claiming Woods to be the father of her nine year old son, Austin T. James. Devon James is in court pushing for a paternity DNA test to prove her claim. The test will determine whether alleged father and child have the same DNA profiles and thus, whether the man tested is the biological father of the child.

This is not the first paternity claim made on Woods. In 2009, Theresa Rogers claimed to have had the golfer’s 6 year old daughter; Woods agreed to a 2 million $ settlement. Devon James is said to be Wood’s 14th mistress and the former prostitute and porn star says she had the child when she was just 19 years of age. Determined to get Wood’s to take on his fatherly responsibilities, James has taken her paternity claim to court and asked a US judge to issue a court ordered paternity test.

Born in California in 1975, Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods is today one of the highest paid athletes worldwide and has won over a dozen important champion ships. As expected with a sportsman of such calibre and fame, his assets are sizable and like the typical paternity cases involving the rich and famous, speculations are rife. Is this child really the love child of Tiger and Devon? Is she after his money? How much will the Judge give her? It is common knowledge that Wood’s life is peppered with affairs and cases of infidelity to the extent that he even, earlier is his carrier, issued a public apology to his family. The fact that he has been involved in a number of scandals makes Devon’s paternity claim a possibility to many although some others question why she has waited so long to come forward with it.

Devon James claims she has even added a T in her child’s name as a tribute to his father, Tiger. She has also made fortunes through press interviews and selling her story to the media. James’ mother, who has custody of Austin, has publicly said she is sure it is impossible for Wood’s to be the boy’s father.  James on the other hand, says the only African-American she has ever had sex with was Woods and given the appearance of the child, it would appear obvious that his father must be African-American. The golfer’s sex addiction, for which he has received treatment, is said to have led to the end of his current marriage to Elin Nordegren. She is said to want 250 million $ from her husband as part of the divorce settlement.

Paternity DNA testing is reliable and accurate. A judge can issue a court ordered paternity test which means that Woods will have to submit to the test. If Austin is really the golfer’s son then James can expect a hefty sum of money regularly that will go towards the child’s upbringing and education. Paternity testing can establish with accuracy whether the alleged father is a child’s true father- the rate of inclusion for such tests is as high as 99.99%.

Tiger Woods is just one of the many who has been involved in paternity disputes in the world of celebrities and famous people. Others who have required paternity DNA tests include x spice girl Mel B and her X Eddie Murphy as well as Keanu Reeves.