Having a sample DNA test result will give you insight into the style, format and terminology used when displaying this scientific data. Here we have decided to give a paternity test result simply because this is by far the test that is in highest demand out of all the ones offered for homeDNAdirect Ireland.

The paternity test result example will never give you a simple “yes” or “no” answer- these terms are too simplistic. What your paternity result will tell you is “John Smith cannot be excluded as the biological father of the child” (which means he is the father); or conversely, “John Smith cannot be included as the biological father of the child”. The probability of paternity will give you a very clear definitive answer. An exclusion of paternity will be no less than 100% and if the tested father is the biological father of the child he will be included with a 99.9% probability or higher.

The terminology and phrasing in the above inclusion or exclusion is due to the fact the scientists have to take into consideration the statistical probability of someone in the ethnic group as the alleged father having the same exact DNA as the father tested and thus, also being a possible father; in reality this is one chance in billions which makes it realistically impossible but something that scientists cannot discount. A look at the samples will help you understanding your paternity test results.

The following two sample paternity testing results are provided:

Sample DNA test result- without mother’s samples- INCLUSION

Sample DNA test result- without mother’s samples- EXCLUSION

On very few occasions you may not have the exact same report with a clear probability of exclusion or inclusion as the one provided in the sanitized sample results above. This is because there may be very rare cases in which genetic mutations can occur; these mutations happen naturally and might complicate the results- this is in the vast bulk of cases solved by having the mother’s samples sent in for testing.

The paternity test result will definitely help you in all you need in understanding your test. Please note: The samples here provided are those in format used by homeDNAdirect Ireland. Other DNA testing companies might use different formats.

The sample DNA test report shows the testing of the amelogenin sex gene- this is just a standard control measure to ensure the sex of DNA samples.