A reputable company will offer the possibility for international DNA paternity testing.  The latest advances in DNA analysis have made it possible that anyone wanting to have testing done at the highest ISO17025 standard is able to proceed, from the comfort of their home, in any part of the globe.  There are no limitations, as different locations are no longer considered a problem.

 DNA analysis via blood draw vs saliva

Many traditionally inclined persons might argue that a blood sample is the better option when it comes to DNA analysis. A scientist will immediately tell you that a saliva sample is far better as they offer many benefits.   Using the DNA testing kit you can collect saliva samples in the comfort of your own home, using the oral swabs provided, following the detailed instructions most testing companies provide.  Saliva samples offer the advantage of collecting a DNA sample from a very small baby in a non-invasive manner.  When allowed to dry a saliva sample with keep for many weeks until it reaches the laboratory for testing.  Blood samples tend degrade quite rapidly.  At home DNA testing with saliva is by far the safest and the most effective way to carry out a paternity test.

 The possibility to test all over the globe

So with these latest advances in sample collection.  It is literally possible to carry out a DNA paternal testing, for example, from different countries, in separate parts of the globe.  Saliva samples have given the opportunity test collect samples yourself from the comfort of your home and have them posted, or sent by courier, directly to a testing laboratory.  Since blood samples are not used any more for peace of mind paternity testing, there is not need to visit you doctor in order to proceed.  This means that you can keep your test more confidential and you can also save the medical expenses.  It is also extremely safe for the baby, as a blood draw is definitely not ideal.

 International standards even in the most remote location

If you are able to receive post or a courier, then you are also able to carry out an international high standard DNA analysis at a reasonable price, without needed to go to any local medical structure.  Many countries have for many years, relied on the local structures to carry out a Paternity test.  Many of these structures offer lower quality and lower standard but somehow charge higher rates.  These local structures probably also still carry out their DNA testing with blood.

Even though, some people might think that these local DNA testing structures, offer the best quality of DNA testing, unfortunately it is not the case unless they are ISO17025 accredited.