Several years ago people were expected to pay a hefty amount in order to get a Paternity test.  It was a luxury that could only be afforded by a few who were willing to pay.  Only recently have people realized that DNA testing technology can help solve family concerns.  Paternity testing became more popular so prices started coming down.

 Does a cheap paternity test mean less quality?

Affordable DNA paternity testing does not mean less quality.  You must always pay attention that your paternity test is carried out by an ISO17025 certified laboratory for your peace of mind.

 Do laboratories use expensive equipment?

A highly accredited laboratory will carry out your paternity test using state-of-the-art, automated robotic equipment.  This certifies that the DNA test is done in the most precise and accurate manner.  Modern technology has given the opportunity to ensure that all procedures are automated, greatly reducing the possibility of human error.  Less labor means more affordable DNA testing.

Do I have to pay my doctor to collect my samples?

If you are only carrying out the paternity test for your own peace of mind, then there is absolutely no need the have your doctor assist you with the sample collection and you can just do a home paternity test.  DNA tests are carried out via saliva samples that are easily collected by yourself with the use of the oral swabs that are provided to you when ordering your paternal test.  Many times this testing kit is sent free of charge or by paying a small administation fee.  This means that you can completely avoid any sort of medical fees making paternity testing more affordable.

 Customer Service and cheap DNA testing

You will come across Paternity testing at various prices, but most importantly, whichever price you decide to go for, you need to ensure that the DNA test you are purchasing is accompanied by personalized customer assistance.  Certain DNA testing companies will pay attention to every detail, understanding their clients specific concerns.  A very cheap paternity testingcompany might be cutting costs and might not offer the support that some other companies so confidently claim the offer.  Many a times a company will be able to give you evidence of their ability to offer support from the very beginning and by offering free genetic consultancy, in order to choose the best suited test for your situation.

As DNA testing is now affordable for most of us.  Many of us are given the opportunity to have our questions answered and our doubts cleared.  If careful to choose the right company to suit your needs, you will be astonished at how easy, quick and reliable carrying out a paternity test really is.