One can find several companies offering DNA testing in Ireland. DNA testing is by far the more reliable and scientific means of determining the existence of a biological relationship between people.

DNA testing is often referred to as DNA profiling or DNA typing and is sometimes referred to genetic testing, although these two terms are not exactly synonymous and identical. Rape investigations and parental testing rely on DNA profiling or DNA testing techniques. The main method for DNA testing is known as PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, which enables scientists to work with very small DNA samples. DNA is amplified and then specific parts of it analyzed. A wide range of family relationships can often be conclusively determined thanks to DNA testing and PCR; this includes Y chromosome testing to find whether males share a common paternal line, mitochondrial DNA testing which can tell you whether two individuals, males and/or females, share a common maternal line and DNA siblings test.

DNA testing in Ireland and across the globe is now a huge market. Should you be looking for a test you can find good value along with highly accurate laboratory analysis. Contact Us for yourDNA testing requirements in Ireland.