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Limerick is the fourth largest city in Ireland and is located in the county that goes by the city’s own name- Limerick. The total urban population is of 90, 757 people. The climate is, by Irish standards, described as being mild; with the daily maximum in July being 20 °C. Being one of the country’s main attractions, the city of Limerick has much to offer. One can begin by visiting King’s Castle, built in 1212, an ancient battlement castle with impressive walls and towers. There is also St Mary’s Cathedral (known as Limerick Cathedral) dating back to 1168. The church is the oldest building in Limerick.  Much of the city is in Georgian style although there have been some demolitions.

The city has ample for the avid shopper and is in fact one of the main shopping areas; the Crescent shopping centre is one of the main shoppers centers in the whole of Ireland. The area has a strong economy only second to that of Dublin and Cork.

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