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Galway, situated in the province of Connacht, is a located on the West coast of Ireland and is the 5th largest city in Ireland. The town has a population of around 73,000 people. The climate is rather constant, temperate and mild, although still nevertheless, changeable as it gets the winds from the Atlantic current.

For tourists, the town abides in cultural events and has been dubbed Ireland’s Cultural Heart. There is much for those with an interest in music, costume and dance. The town still boasts a high percentage of people who speak Irish Gaelic; moreover, one can experience traditional Irish dancing and the town has a distinctly Irish flavor.  There are several sites of historical interest which include Lynch’s Castle whose intricately and heavily carved stone façade bears the coat of arms of the infamous King Henry VIII. St. Nicholas church, the largest medieval church in Ireland, is also well worth a visit.

Galway’s economy includes several industries including the manufacturing industry, tourism, education and health care.

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