Mt-DNA (Mitochondrial) DNA Test

Mitochondrial DNA testing or MtDNA testing can tell you whether individuals share the same maternal line. The test can be done by both males and females. The cost of the Mt-DNA (mitochondrial DNA) test is €329 with results available in 14-16 working days.

Although this test is extremely accurate, it will not establish the precise relationship between test participants and thus, will not explicitly tell you whether the tested people are aunt and niece, sisters or mother and daughter.  However, the mitochondrial DNA test provides an accurate was of establishing shared maternal lineage.

The test will seek to map out the X-SR patterns for each of the individuals tested; analysts will the make a comparison between patterns and assess the degree of similarity between the X-SR patterns to confirm or exclude the relationship.  MtDNA testing is reliable as it is passed on from mother to both her male and female children without undergoing any mutations. All females pass on their MtDNA to all their children but males cannot pass it on to their children.

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