Grandparentage DNA Test

grandparentage DNA test seeks to determine whether a biological relationship exists between grandparents and their grandchild. This type of test is often done instead of a DNA paternity test.  If the untested, alleged father is not the child’s biological father both paternal grandparents will be excluded as their grandchild’s biological relatives.

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3 types of grandparentage DNA tests are available:

  • Duo grandparentage test – This test requires the DNA samples of the grandfather, grandmother and grandchild.
  • Single Grandparentage test – This test involves testing just one grandparent and is only recommended if the grandchild’s mother’s sample is available.
  • Y-chromosome testing – This test is extremely accurate at confirming whether males share the same paternal line.

Whichever grandparent test you opt for, sending in the mother’s sample will be of great help to improve the results. Our analysts can use the mother’s DNA profile to determine what genes she has passed on to her child and provide a stronger result for the overall test. If the mother is unavailable, we can still go ahead with the testing.

Our grandparentage DNA test is priced from €329. Results will be emailed to you in 5-7 working days and are sent by email. For a small charge we can also send out a hard copy.

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