Collecting your DNA Samples

Our home DNA sampling kit is easy-to-use and includes clear instructions. The sample collection process is a simple procedure outlined below together with a visual guide. It is important to follow the step-by-step guide to ensure successful DNA sampling.


Your home kit will be sent out upon confirmation of order. Inside the kit you will find the swabs, instructions, consent forms a pre-addressed envelope to use for returning your samples. Your home testing kit is pre-packed and contains swabs for up to 3 participants.


We strongly recommend that anyone taking part in the test does not eat, drink or smoke for 1 hour before taking the test.


Each person participating in the test must complete the below steps for sample collection. Kindly make sure to fill out all required information on the forms and sign consent.

DNA samples collection process

  • Step 1
    Step 1
    Each envelope contains 4 swabs. You need 4 swabs per person participating.
  • Step 2
    Step 2
    Fill out the submission forms as well as the details on the outside of the envelope making sure everything is filled in clearly and correctly. Remember to sign consent.
  • Step 3
    Step 3
    Remove the swabs from the paper packaging. Be careful not to touch the cotton end of the swab with anything so it remains sterile. There are two swabs provided per each person to be tested.
  • Step 4
    Step 4
    Rub the cotton end of the swab along the inside of your cheek, under your tongue and behind your lips as well. Do this for 10 seconds per person. Remember you are collecting cheek cells and not just saliva, so rub right against the inside of the cheek. Do this with both swabs per person.
  • Step 5
    Step 5
    Before placing the swab back in the color coded envelope allow the swab a MINIMUM of 1 hour to dry. Place the swab somewhere that the end of the swab is not touching anything else. When dry place the swabs back in the color coded envelope. Do NOT touch the end of the swab at anytime.
  • Step 6
    Step 6
    Place the envelopes into the self-addressed envelope with your submission form and send back to homeDNAdirect for processing. Please remember to affix the appropriate postage stamps.

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