Siblings DNA Test

Sibling DNA tests determine whether two alleged siblings are in fact biological half siblings or full siblings. homeDNAdirect Ireland recommends this test when it is not possible to do a paternity DNA test or Maternity DNA test. The cost of sibling testing starts from €299.

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known mother to provide stronger results.

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A DNA sibling test is used to determine whether siblings share a biological parent without in fact testing the DNA of the parent in question. This means that a sibling test is done without the DNA of parent.

The objective of a DNA siblings test is to indicate whether siblings are full siblings, half siblings or unrelated.

We offer 4 types of siblings test. We recommend you access the links provided to find out which of the following tests is more suitable to your requirements:

  • STR testing: done between male and female siblings.
  • X chromosome testing: done when two sisters from different mothers want to establish if they share the same father.
  • Y chromosome testing: carried out two brothers wish to know if they share the same father;
  • MtDNA testing: if individuals want to know if they share the same maternal line.
Please note that X chromosome testing can still be done in cases where two females share the same mother. However, in such a case, the test will only be conclusive if the mother’s DNA is tested alongside that of the other females taking part.

If you do not require a sibling DNA test you may return to our relationship DNA testing page. Alternatively, select one of the below options to continue.

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