Maternity DNA Test

maternity DNA test is the single definitive means of determining whether an alleged mother is the biological mother of a child. In much the same way as paternity DNA test, a maternity DNA test will provide an inclusion rate of 99.99% if the tested mother is the biological mother of the child.  The test will exclude maternity with a probability of 100%.

Maternity DNA tests are not done as frequently as paternity DNA tests. Logically, it is uncommon to question maternity. However, a maternity DNA test may be required in any of the following situations:

Immigration testing for maternity is done when you need to scientifically prove the biological relationship between mother and child. To be used alongside immigration forms and documentation,  the maternity test must be carried out following certain rules and procedures that make then results acceptable under the laws of a host/non-native country.

A maternity DNA test is an at-home test. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and take your own DNA samples using a simply mouth swab.

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