Unveiling your Ancestry with DNA Testing

homeDNAdirect Ireland offers ancestry DNA testing: the ultimate scientific tool for discovering your ancestral roots. With our DNA test you can locate the places where your distant ancestors and progenitors came from, follow their migratory movements across the globe.

Ancestry DNA testing starts from just € 179.00 whilst our paternal lineage testing services are available starting from € 169.00


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Why an ancestry DNA test?

Ancestry DNA testing is an altogether different approach to discovering your origins and genealogy when compared to traditional methods. Unlike other conventional and rather expensive methods of undertaking family tree research and genealogical studies, painstakingly going through archives and other documents,  a DNA test is more cost and time effective but importantly, it can help you learn about your ancestry on the level of genes and DNA, providing you with information that no amount of research could reveal. Thanks to these tests you can acquire a vast treasure trove of your own ancestral origins.

Ancestry testing has not only helped those with a general desire to discover their roots but it has also come to the aid of adopted children and adoptees who, knowing absolutely nothing about their origins, found some answers in an ancestry DNA test.

Be original – make it a gift!

Buying a present can be indeed mindboggling – sometimes we strive to come up with something original and unconventional. So why not opt for an ancestry test? Surprise the person with a detailed, informative and personal ancestry test.

Choose the ancestry test that most suits your needs

We offer various types of ancestry tests each tailored to the different needs that our clients have. Depending on what facets of your ancestry you wish to explore, choose from one of the following DNA tests.

All of us descend from 4 major ancestral groups: European, Indigenous American, East Asian, and Sub Saharan Africa. From which of these groups did you descent?Your DNA holds the answers to your true ancestry so begin to uncover your true origins with AncestrybyDNA™. This DNA test which we offer can tell you much more about your origins than those old photo albums or stories told by relatives. All we need is a quick sample collected by means of an oral swab to tell you more about your genetic origins. Click here to read more about this service.

Maternal lineage testing is another great ancestry testing tool. Whilst an ancestral origins test offers you an overview of your ancestry, a maternal lineage test is a means of exploring solely and uniquely your matrilineal roots. This test is special in that it analyses mitochondrial DNA, a type of DNA that is solely passed down the maternal line. This test will tell you maternal haplogroup affiliation, the migration routes of your ancient maternal progenitors and much more. Click here to learn more about our maternal lineage DNA testing.

Paternal Lineage DNA testing is yet another specialized test that offers interested clients the opportunity to explore the origins of their ancient forefathers, mapping out their migration routes and revealing their own paternal haplogroups. Click here for more information about this test.

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