Infidelity DNA Testing: Quash your Suspicions

homeDNAdirect Ireland can help solve cases of infidelity in a way that is scientific using infidelity DNA testing. Our infidelity tests enable our clients to have a range of forensic samples analyzed using the most advanced DNA testing methods currently available. To get your test started, contact us, send us your samples and we will see what our genetic analysis reveals.


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How much is an infidelity test?

An infidelity test with homeDNAdirect Ireland starts from €349. We will need to advise you about the cost as we will need to take into consideration a number of things which can increase the price cited here. Factors affecting price include:

  • The number of samples being testing
  • The type of sample used
  • Which type of infidelity test you choose

Contact us or Have us call you to discuss your test and the sample/s you plan using.

What is an infidelity test?

Our basic DNA test is simply there to tell you if the sample you send in has male DNA or female DNA. Using forensic DNA extraction methods we can not only determine the sex of the person to which the sample belongs but we can also identify whether there is the DNA of more than one person in the sample.

If you wish to carry out your investigation further, you can have us compare two DNA samples to see whether the profiles match or not; matching DNA profiles would mean the samples belong to the same person. If the profiles do not match, then the samples clearly belong to two separate individuals  (You might need one of our DNA testing kits to collect samples using buccal swabs should you opt to continue with this stage of the test)

What type of samples can I use?

Our partner laboratories can analyze a vast number of different samples. When it comes to infidelity testing, clients send in all types of samples they suspect to be proof of infidelity. These might include semen stains, used condoms, Kleenexes, blood stains, cigarette ends and many more. We always prefer to give our clients a full evaluation of the sample they plan using, this way they can understand whether we have a high chance or a low change of successful DNA extraction and we can moreover, tell them how to collect and send the sample.

We suggest reading our forensic DNA testing page to get more information about different types of DNA samples.


We understand the delicate and sensitive nature of all cases we deal with and have systems in place to ensure total privacy and anonymity.

Keep in mind that our infidelity testing services are scientific analyses of DNA – they do not, in themselves, pin point infidelity. You can make your own deductions on the basis of the results of our DNA test.  Have us call you for more information by clicking one of the below options.


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