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Your Paternity Testing Specialists in Ireland


homeDNAdirect Ireland is your specialised local provider of DNA testing and paternity testing services based in Dublin. Your home kit can be sent anywhere in Ireland including the cities of Cork, Limerick and Galway. We offer a wide range of tests that include both home and legal testing options. It should be noted that legal DNA testing must follow a strict procedure, known as chain-of-custody, and sample collection must be performed by a doctor or nurse.

All our tests are performed by an ISO17025 accredited DNA laboratory. Testing is carried out using state of the art equipment and the latest technology whilst being performed in adherence to the strictest quality control guidelines. When choosing a company to conduct your DNA test, it is important to select one that offers ISO 17025 accredited testing as this guarantees that the DNA analysis is done to the highest standards, giving you reassurance of the quality and accuracy of your test result.

homeDNAdirect focuses on providing a fast service with support from our experienced customer representatives at an extremely competitive price. Our complete, accredited DNA paternity test is priced at only €169 for one alleged father and one child. The results are available in only 3-5 working days! This fee is all-inclusive and covers the DNA testing kit for sample collection, the analysis and the DNA report. Once you place your order, the at home kit will be sent to you from our office in Dublin. Alternatively you can also call us to arrange an appointment to come in and collect your kit personally. The kit is very easy to use and completely pain free!

Accurate, affordable DNA paternity test

Our prices at homeDNAdirect are the most competitive in the market and genetic analysis is performed using 16 different markers leading to accuracy levels as high as 99.999% for an inclusion in reference to paternity testing.

Our DNA relationship tests can establish links between alleged siblings, uncle/aunt and niece/nephew, as well as grandparents starting from as little as €385. Alternatively if you are looking to find out more about yourself through a DNA test you may be interested in our ancestry services, or our genetic predisposition health test that examines your risk towards developing certain diseases. A complete list of the range of tests we offer can be seen on our DNA tests available page.

We also offer advanced DNA forensic capabilities and can process a wide variety of discreet samples including hairs, toothbrush, cigarette butts and semen with a high degree of success. This type of testing of discreet samples is very useful in cases where it is not possible to obtain an oral swab sample.

For more information about our DNA tests or to discuss your case in more detail we suggest that you contact us directly.

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